• Art Installation

    At Vesica, we pride ourselves on curating spaces that inspire wonder and awe with our Art Installation services. Our team specialises in curating and creating large-scale, interactive, and immersive light art sculptures that captivate beholders at events, festivals, weddings, and public activations.

  • Artist Representation

    Our Artist Representation services offer artists the freedom to create by taking care of all logistics, including fabrication, sale, art rental and installation. We establish relationships that help artists take their works to new markets, enabling them to focus on their creative process and bring their unique visions to life.

    Flamingos by Angus Muir in Hastings CBD Feb 2022.
    Flamingos by Angus Muir in Hastings CBD Feb 2022.
  • Production Management

    Our Production Management team works tirelessly behind the scenes to handle all the essential elements that make up a successful event. From spreadsheets and budgeting to project Gantt charts and health and safety, our team works seamlessly with our production partners to ensure your event runs like clockwork.

  • Creative Direction

    Creative Direction is where we showcase our full suite of services at Vesica, dedicated to bringing your event to life in the most magical way possible. We work with our clients every step of the way, from the initial pre-production 3D site modeling to the final installation on-site. Our team takes pride in every touch point of the live event experience, ensuring every detail is executed with care and precision. We are not bound by any aesthetic and seek to push boundaries with every event we take on Creative Direction for.

    Walk of Wonders 2021. Photo by Hazel Redmond.
    Walk of Wonders 2021. Photo by Hazel Redmond.
  • Event Design

    With our Event Design services, we create bespoke sitemaps tailored to maximize your venue's strengths. We virtually bring this site map to life and stress-test it with audience numbers to help you make informed decisions that will make your event truly unforgettable.