Vesica Piscis: the intersection of two perfect circles and the foundation of creation.

We draw inspiration from sacred geometry and repetitive patterns found in nature to create art that is impactful by day or night. As a cutting-edge creative arts studio, our expertise lies in providing large-scale light art installations that redefine spaces, transforming venues into immersive canvases. The aesthetic is a dance between sacred geometry, nature's patterns, and vibrant hues, resulting in simple, sleek, and minimalistic designs that redefine visual storytelling. With a portfolio adorned by collaborations with esteemed clients like Rolls Royce, we take pride in being luxury event curators.

Our Team

  • Anthony van Dorsten

    Creative Director & Co-Founder

    Ant is a natural leader and inspires the communities around him. He works alongside our wonderful clients and creative partners to bring joy into communities through the magic of large-scale art.

    Before establishing Vesica, Ant pursued Philosophy and Religious Studies at Otago University and travelled the world extensively in his early 20's. He kicked off his professional career at Auckland-based marketing agency, Brandknew, followed by 5 years as Growth Manager for esteemed cricket bat manufacturer Laver & Wood.

    A growing fascination and deep curiosity for large-scale art was inspired by annual adventures to Burning Man and Kiwiburn. Ant soon discovered his skills and passion were well-aligned to begin galvanising creatives and touring large scale light art throughout New Zealand.

    Ant is now focused on dreaming bigger. Working tightly with trusted teams of creatives, technicians, engineers and installers, Ant delivers multi-sensory experiences at scale.

  • Arthur Falls

    Digital Technology Advisor

    In his youth, Arthur was an obsessive technology enthusiast. This became a profession in 2014 when he began hosting several successful podcasts covering US, European, and Asian tech startups. The knowledge gained through these podcasts became a valuable asset itself, leading to a career in technology communications and eventually tech-oriented business consulting.

    Arthur served as Director of Media at the New York-based venture production studio ConsenSys, and Director of Communications at the Silicon Valley-based DFINITY Foundation.

    Arthur's activities are now directed toward placing technology back under human control rather than using it as a way to control humans.

    You can find Arthur leading Vesica's digital art projects.

  • Sarah Everett

    Marketing & Administration Manager

    Growing up in California's wine country, Sarah kicked off her career by pouring wine for the region's tourists. In an industry brimming with opportunity, she studied diligently to shift away from Hospitality and into Sales & Marketing and Business Development. The wine industry attracted many seasonal workers from overseas and a chance meeting with a few Kiwis brought her to New Zealand.

    A surprise trip to Kiwiburn was the first stop on arrival in NZ. This is where her friendship with Ant began, planting the seed for future collaboration in the creative realm. Hawke's Bay became home and a few years later, she helped the Vesica team realize the first Walk of Wonders in 2020.

    Sarah now brings her Communications & Marketing background and organisation skills to the Vesica team.